Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 11 Reflection on TPACK

TPACK is a way we can think about integrating technology into our classrooms. It is split up into different sections: PK, CK, TK, PCK, TCK, TPK and TPACK. PK is Pedagogical knowledge or the knowledge of teaching, basically knowing how to teach and the fundamentals therein. CK is the content knowledge or how much a person knows about a subject to be taught. TK is technological knowledge, or what a person knows about technologies to be used while teaching. PCK is Pedagogical content knowledge or describing what teachers know in a specific content area. It is more than just knowing about something, it is being able to apply it to different things and teach it. TCK is technological content knowledge or knowing different technologies that can teach different things and being able to use them to teach. TPK is technological pedagogical knowledge or knowing how technologies can be used in a general teaching context. TPACK is being able to use technology to teach content. Is it adding everything together, making it possible for someone with the knowledge of how to teach to be able to teach content using technology. Beautiful isn't it?
Let's see this in a real senario: I was teaching kids how to blend words by breaking apart the phonemes. I knew how to teach this content, and I knew about the content myself, so I added a Promethean Board with words that would said the phonemes of each word and the children blended them together.
There are many different technologies that help students learn with textual, visual,and audial representation. Smart Boards (or Promethean Boards) help students gain visual and audial representation. Slide shows help students textually, Stellarium helps students visually, and Google Earth helps students textually and visually. There are so many wonderful technologies out there to help teachers becomes TPACK champs! Which helps students become learning champs as well :)

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