Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 14 Internet Safety!!

I read Elder Bednar's article "Things as they really are" which went along really well with what we have talked about in class. It was good to hear not only the voices of statistics or stories about the dangers but to hear words from an Apostle was extra encouraging because I know God cares about the seriousness of these issues too. Watching the videos and reading the talk really made me realize how serious this is and made me want to be a careful mom when I have kids because I do not want them getting into trouble that I could have helped get out of.
When I shared this to a friend they already knew about this safety stuff but they also said it was good to hear again. I know my friend is already really good about her internet safety so I wasn't too surprised when she didn't elaborate on what I had said. I know this will be in her mind but like I said before, she has been doing a very good job with it already.
I enjoyed this assignment, it is good to know that there are evils out there and that innocent people are being taken advantage of because of them. This teaches me I need to be better to people I see who trust a computer more than a friend in front of them and tell people what I have learned.

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