Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 7

Technology creates different ways to teach which helps students because they learn many different ways. Technology can enhance a point the teacher is trying to make or help the students better understand what the teacher is teaching.
Although technology is wonderful it can distract the students. For example, smartboards are really fun to play with so students might just play instead of learn. I also don't like that technology can take away time from doing ordinary student things like coloring, creating with tactile things, etc. I don't want technology to take over and students never learn how to cut and paste (not on a computer) ever.
I have used the smartboard to teach contractions in words. There were snowmen built and a bunch of words at the bottom of the page, the students were to take the two words that made the contraction and put them in the first two snowballs (head and middle) and put the contraction it made into the bottom snowball. I have also experienced power point to effectivly teach students using visuals. In school I use websites to keep in contact with teachers, do assignments, or check grades.

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